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100% Electric Snow Robots

For Sidewalk Snow Plowing & Salting

No More Labour Shortages

Keep your staff - elevate them to more profitable tasks

Increase Service Level 

Snowbots pre-deployed before forecasted snow event

World Leader

Only commercial-ready robotics solution for snow & ice

It Just Works

Sustainable, smart, safe.

No Need to Learn About Robots:

We do all the repairs and maintenance.

If a Robot Ever Stops Working:

A new one will be working on your site within 90 minutes.

More Reliable, Fewer Headaches:

Eliminate the hassle of recruitment.


Incredible Battery Life

Sustainability meets cutting-edge technology

12-to-18 hours run time on one charge

For 24/7 operation, we can swap batteries within 5 minutes

2.5-5 hours charging time through regular wall outlet

Predictable Cost

No need to "buy" robots - rent robots for the season

Robot rental for the winter; no big ticket purchase

All-in cost includes repairs, maintenance, and recharging

Price includes 300-400 hours of use. Option to buy extra hours as needed.

Solution to Labour Shortage

Multiply your workforce - same staff, more revenue

It's a major force multiplier.

Ryan Hebel, Co-Owner of Green Ventures Landscape Care Limited

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All Levels of Government

Actively working with federal, provincial & municipal governments

This will make Canadian cities much more livable.

Mark Robbins, Transport Canada

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Snowbot FAQ

Secure Your Spot 

Secure your spot in line for a snowbot when they are available in your region. Our snowbot reservations are open for 3 (+) snowbots per booking.


When we begin renting robots in your area, Swap Robotics will work with you to project your company's growth trajectory, so we can build a 10-year scale-up plan together.


Winter 2022-2023 robots are already fully reserved and reservations are now active for Winter '23-'24. Reserve your robots today to stay ahead of your competitors.

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