The world leader in
multi-use robots

  • More paid robot rentals this winter than the rest of the industry combined
  • 25+ customers to date; hands down the most in the industry
  • Emerging from stealth mode; started in November 2019

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

It just works

  • No need to learn about robots. We do the repairs, maintenance, and battery recharging.
  • If a robot stops working,  a new one will be working on your site within 60 minutes, guaranteed.
  • More reliability, fewer headaches; robots never call in sick

Predictable pricing for snow and ice

  • Robot rental for the winter; no big ticket purchase
  • Price includes 480 hours of use. Option to buy extra hours as needed.
  • All-in cost incudes repairs, maintenance, and recharging.

Results-based pricing
for grass

  • You tell us your largest sites that you’d like quoted
  • Based on site complexity, we'll give pricing per-acre cut
  • You can also choose hours-of-use pricing. Clear ROI from Day 1

Whisper-quiet at 2am

  • 8x quieter than gas equipment
  • Plows snow and salts without waking homeowners and residents
  • Enables commercial and industrial grass cutting through the night

Helps with the labour shortage

  • Keep your staff and move them to higher-value, more profitable tasks
  • Accept more clients with your existing team
  • Helps solve the chronic labour shortage in snow and grass industries

Expanding service area

  • Currently renting in Ontario, Canada for snow and grass
  • Florida grass rentals in the next couple months
  • If you can commit to at least 10 units, we can expand to your area

100% Electric Robots for
Snow Removal and Grass Cutting