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100% Electric Solar Vegetation Cutting Robots

10-20% Savings

From Day 1

No More Labour Shortages

Start Within 30 Days

Plug & Play

We Do Everything For You

It Just Works

Sustainable, smart, safe.

No Need to Learn About Robots:

We do all the repairs, maintenance and battery charging.

If a Robot Ever Stops Working:

A new one will be working on your site within 90 minutes.

More Reliable, Fewer Headaches:

Eliminate the hassle of recruitment.

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Per Acre Pricing

Cut 10 - 20% off your operations cost from day 1

 Every property will be different

After the FREE initial map out, we can determine the best price for you.

Cut 10 - 20% off your operations cost

Finalized pricing to be determined subsequent to map out.

Solar Grass Cutting FAQ

  • What is the pushing capacity of the snowbot?
    The latest “Version 7” snowbots can push roughly 2,000 pounds of snow.
  • How long can the snowbots operate for?
    For snow operations, the robots are capable of doing 12-18-hour shifts, with the ability to do 24/7 operations with a battery swap.
  • Can the snowbots salt?
    Yes, snowbots have the ability to salt. They can hold over 600 lbs of salt, with the option of mixing both sand and salt.
  • How fast can the snowbots go?
    The robots’ top speed is approximately 3.5 km/hr.
  • Can the snowbots only do sidewalks?
    The snowbots are designed for sidewalks and pathways, with the ability to do driveways and small lots. They do not do stairs.
  • How do the snowbots handle extreme temperatures?
    The snowbots have been battle tested in Thompson, Manitoba, in temperatures as low as -40º C (-40º F).
  • Will I need to be trained on how to operate the snowbots?
    We offer “Robots-as-a-Service” (RaaS). A trained Swap Robotics staff member will provide any maintenance and repairs that may be needed. We'll work with you to decide which of your sites are the best starting place for snowbots.
  • What happens when a snowbot breaks?
    If a snowbot stops working we will have a replacement robot working on-site for you within 90 minutes.
  • How does insurance and liability work?
    Swap Robotics has $5 million in product liability, in the event that the snowbot damages property. All slip and fall accountability ultimately lies on the lessee, given that the snowbots are rented out– similar to other equipment.
  • How do the robots detect something in front of them?
    The snowbots use a combination of our technology and depth sensing cameras to detect objects in front of them. The snowbots slow down if there is an object within 10 to 20 meters; the snowbot will come to a stop if a person is < 10 meters. Similar rules apply for animals & objects of interest. Exact details can be shared on an initial call.
  • How do the snowbots work?
    The snowbots will pre-map out the sites during its initial teaching path. Once the snowbots have mapped out the area, they can run their routes autonomously.
  • What kind of safety features are there?
    There are several layers of protection embedded into the robots. This includes but is not limited to visual detection, sensing edges, remote guardians, 6 built in emergency-stops (all over the robot that meet ADA height requirements), wireless emergency-stop, two-way audio, back-up beeper, amber revolving lights, signal indicators.
  • How does pricing work?
    The typical costs associated with the snowbots is $2,500-$4,000/month per robot. This number can change based on the number of months of rental in the snow season, property type, location, size, and additional staff requirements. Final pricing will be determined after site assessment.
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