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Our Mission

Make outdoor work equipment sustainable

Our Values


We are proud of where we work, and how work gets done. We act in a way that allows us to hold our heads high.

Customer Centered

 We recognize that we exist to serve our customers. Over time, the needs of customers may change, & we commit to changing our product offerings as-needed to continue to meet customers' needs over time. We will put our customers first & obsessively focus on their needs as the core of our business & to foster long-term relationships.


First and foremost we value safety. It is front & centre in all of our decision-making when it comes to the public, our customers, our staff, and the design of our robots & future products.

Continuous Improvement

We strive for continuous improvement. We aim to improve our products, services, ourselves & our company every day. We believe a 1% improvement every day leads to world-changing results. 


When it comes to commercializing game-changing 21st-century technologies, the fastest mover often wins. We recognize that the #1 player in a tech-heavy industry is much more profitable than the #2 player. We commit to being the #1 player long-term for robotic solar vegetation cutting. As such, we commit to moving lightning-fast (as long as safety is not compromised), and sometimes sacrificing efficiency for speed to ensure we are the clear, dominant #1 player in robotic solar vegetation management.


However our company may expand & grow over time, we started in sidewalk snow plowing. In this industry, snow simply needs to be removed properly, and every time. A solution that "gets it right" 19 times out of 20 in a snow season will lose their customer next year. We recognize that our customers demand a "we will find a way to get it done" attitude. We will build our reputation for reliability each day.


While speed matters enormously, so does being adaptable. Our approach will vary depending on the stage of each business line. For example, once our lead in a chosen vertical becomes cemented and the  industry matures, we will begin to transition some of our focus from speed to efficiency & profitability. At the same time, we will likely identify other lines of business that allow us to start blitzscaling those business lines. The key point is that we, as an organization, are prepared to adapt our approach as appropriate.

Environmental Stewardship

We believe that climate change is caused by humans and is one of the most existential threats to humanity. We believe that we have an opportunity, and a responsibility, to perform business in a way that is environmentally sustainable and helps move the world towards net-zero emissions. We believe creating market-driven solutions that also help fight climate change will enable long-term, sustainable profits.


We celebrate diversity. We recognize that teams work better when diverse perspectives can lend their insights. We commit to encouraging diverse backgrounds and insights, and respecting differences.

Teamwork, Kindness and Psychological Safety

We work best when everyone is kind to one another & fosters a psychologically supportive environment. We aim to foster a team climate that is characterized by interpersonal trust and mutual respect, one in which teammates are comfortable being themselves. We feel safe speaking up. We feel safe challenging one another on ideas & approaches, and we in turn feel safe having these ideas & approaches challenged. We encourage working together to form the best solutions. We encourage empathy & conversational turn-taking. To sum up Google's Project Aristotle study findings on the most effective teams: we create strong psychological safety.

10-to-20 Year Mindset

We believe too many tech companies aim to simply be acquired and thus don't think with a 10-to-20-year perspective towards building a truly great, world-changing company. Every decision we make is taken with a lens towards positioning the company for success on a 10-to-20-year time horizon. We have an opportunity to build a company that becomes a household name. An opportunity to change the world. An opportunity to look back on our careers and know our work has truly made a real impact in the fight against climate change. We will capture the moment.

Move in Silence

As part of having a 10-to-20-year mindset, we will start to prepare for some market verticals that won't be announced for 1, 3, 5 or even more years. We have a long-term expansion plan; catching legacy competitors by surprise is part of what will allow our new solutions to scale before legacy players can catch-up. Signalling our strategy earlier than needed only allows competitors to prepare. As we grow we will remain low-key, be quiet about strategy, & not draw more attention to ourselves than needed to meet our business goals.

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