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Swap Robotics was started in October 2019. It has quickly grown to become the clear world leader in outdoor robotics for multiple work purposes. As of 2021, there were a dozen paid 100% electric, commercial-ready robots in the fleet, more than any other robotics company for snow removal. As of Spring 2022, our primary focus is on solar vegetation cutting robots. We're working with several of the largest solar asset owners and solar O&M providers from North America & Europe.

More About Us

"Top Hat Robotics" to "Swap Robotics"

We updated our name from "Top Hat Robotics" to "Swap Robotics" to prevent confusion with another Canadian tech company that provides education software (called Top Hat). The name, "Swap Robotics", refers to our fundamental design principle that the robots can swap attachments to enable several different use-cases for the robots.

Headquarters, Investments and More

We are actively engaged with regulators at the national, provincial, and municipal levels, and provide leadership in how to effectively regulate sidewalk robots for work purposes. Our headquarters are in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. We have venture capital funding from SOSV and are open to additional investment.

Our Services

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